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About Melanie

My path has been a rather circuitous and eclectic blend of life experiences-- I have been a dedicated athlete and coach for many years, and body attunement began with classical ballet, then professional tennis, triathlons, and later ultra-distance trail running. I have also been a life-long learner and teacher, earning my Master’s degree and teaching the History of Art, Architecture and Critical Theory in several colleges for over twenty years. Fascination with the body, the intellect and ultimately God led me to seek understanding of ancient wisdom and practices which inspired my studies to turn to the Vedic world of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Vedic Astrology. I subsequently earned a 500 level Yoga certification and became an Ayurveda Practitioner and Vedic Astrologer. The longing to be of service led me to share this wisdom with others, and I began mentoring individuals and small groups teaching to the need at hand.

I am acutely aware of the internal struggles many face, be it self-trust issues, depression, or the crippling feeling of being stuck in life's challenging cycles. I am a holistic guide, considering external symptoms but diving deep into the root of fears and aspirations. My aim is to empower and to shift people from a life of masked pretenses to one of radiant authenticity.

The core of my practice lies in my integrative approach, melding ancient wisdom and modern insights. I use the framework of body/mind/spirit to explore a client’s multifaceted being and I lean on Vedic Astrology to navigate the cosmic patterns influencing life. My finely tuned intuition and ability to read energies equip me with an adept capacity for identifying specific needs—even from a distance, and I work with clients all over the country.

I call my practice Life Force Ayurveda because I believe it truly is our birthright to live fully integrated and connected to our life-force energy, our communities, and our Source. The sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Jyotisha show us the way, and this way includes working with the multiple facets of our being within the framework of the loving cosmos.

 In addition to my work, nature feeds my soul daily through hiking, swimming, cycling, gardening or star-gazing. I cherish time with friends, family and creatures, and am continually grateful and inspired by my beloved teachers in Yoga, Jyotisa (Vedic astrology) and Consciousness-based healing studies.

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